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Unblock Sites with SafeIP

how to use safe ip
Popular VPN Pogram
SafeIP is one of the best VPN program which is providing free service for you. You can use different country IPs on the site such as United States , Poland, United Kingdom, Canada, Switzerland, France, Italy and Germany. You can optimize settings.

There is DNS privacy, wifi protection, browser ıd protection, referer protection, cookie protection, ad protection, malware and spyware protection, ıp protection features on the program. So you will able to protect yourself from any malware and spyware attacks and hacking attempts against your network system. That’s why this program is very famous on internet. You can download this program from many sites freely.
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Youtube Public DNS Numbers

unblock youtubeA popular, a widest and a great big pool of videos. All are in Youtube! Greatest and most popular video web site. You may watch anything you want on Youtube except 18+ ones (you must login on Youtube).

Blocked in Some Countries?
Sometimes we hear any news about Youtube block in some countries such as China, Egypt, Pakistan and Turkey etc. For any reasons (especially some videos) they block Youtube and people can't use it on Labtop, Notebook or mobile phones. So they try another alternatives or try to unblock Youtube.
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