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Access Blocked Sites By Changing DNS Server

Access Blocked Sites By Changing DNS Server
Changing DNS
You can change your DNS by the steps given below and enter blocked sites via DNS Numbers.

That's a basic and a working method and a succesfull way too. Just try to Use Google DNS or Open DNS.

DNS Server is an index of all the domain names registered on the internet.
When you type in the domain name of a website then your browser sends request to the DNS server and it returns the IP address of that website. If the access to a website is blocked then you can access to that blocked website using the third party free DNS services which are run by other ISPs and organizations (OpenDNS).

How To Change DNS?
Go to Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center > Change adapter settings (on left side). Now right click on the network through you are connected to internet and click on Properties. Now click on the Networking tab and double click on TCP/IPv4. 

Now type in this DNS server over there > or and click on OK to save the settings. You need to restart your computer to have the effect of this change. You can also type in these addresses > or These addresses are of Google as Google also provides free DNS service.

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  1. sir i want to open blocked websites in my college what steps should i follow.

  2. I have tried many ways, free and paid ways to open blocked websites, I think vpn works better than others, this is what I can recommend,try the service before you pay for it!
    I ordered my account from the price is great. 1Months $3.3 , 3Months $7 and 12 Months $16
    It has free test account and you can try the service for free.
    It supports all protocols(PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN), And you don't have to buy different accounts for different devices(use 1 account to connect on your computer and your mobile at the same time)

  3. vpns have also been blocked... and this is also not working... plz suggest something

  4. Is not necessary restart computer, only connect other one on Internet ;)

  5. us tor browser to access anything free-download it!


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