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Sites Like Ktunnel

ktunnel like sites
Ktunnel Like Sites
Ktunnel is very popular proxy web site which you can enter to blocked and banned web sites. There are many users who are prefer to use this site. We are going to tell you a few web sites which looks like Ktunnel.

 You will able to change your ip with these sites and you will surf on internet easily. Besides you will protect yourself from malwares and spywares with these sites and you will able to enter blocked sites. But there can be pop up ads which can annoy you in these sites. If you want to have an proxy web service which doesn’t have ads, we recommend you to use Kproxy.

I believe it’s the most quality Web based proxy service on internet. There are almost no annoying ads  in this site and people like Kproxy because of that very much. While we were testing to site, we haven’t seen any pop up ads in the site. There’s also a program for those who want to enter blocked sites. It changes proxy automatically for you and you don’t need to enter to site everytime. Kproxy generally prefer to use German Ips. But it depends time to time…

zend2 proxy
Zend 2
Another alternative site of Ktunnel. Sites speed is less than average and their service is very slow. All the same they have very clean web site. If they manage to solve their speed problem, many one will able to use this site.

Ninja Cloak
Ninja Cloak is very popular site as same as Ktunnel and Kproxy. There are many writings when you open home page. If you want to use this service you should scroll down and you should enter to site url at the bottom of page. Ninja Cloak is generally using Asian IP. But sometimes it can be very different. There are many pop up ads in Ninja Cloak.

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  1. Thankyou I tryed Kproxy (did not stream videos) and it worked good exept one thing wich was the loding time of the first website it sort of took long but from tat moment on it worked perfectly fine maybe my internet was slow on that moment so try it out i recomment it highly

  2. (I mean that I did not strem any videus)


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